Company Profile

Long Life Lamp Company (LLLC) is a major manufacturer in LEDs, CFL and high performance Halogen lamps. The Company has been producing lamps for the past 18 years, manufacturing facilities have the latest automated machinery purchased from Japan, manufacturing based in China and the company’s head office based in UK the management is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Company is ISO 9001-2000 certified which guarantees a supply of constantly reliable high quality products.

The company has adopted a policy in bringing low energy products into the market and being environment friendly, therefore, playing our part meeting the challenges of climate change.

All products manufactured are to ROHS Regulations and WEEE compliant which makes it easier to recycle, protect human health and the environment, therefore, our Research and Development Department, consisting of a team of specialist engineers is working towards bringing the latest low energy products to the market, the company is introducing products such as super high power LEDs using the latest technology to provide a viable alternative to standard light bulbs.

Our LED products use third generation LED technology offering higher output levels with increased life expectancy and minimal power consumption, using less energy than standard incandescent lamp saving up to 96% in energy with reliability to match.

High performance Halogen lamps of various selections are manufactured to the highest standards and are CE, ROHS and WEEE compliant.

We have been manufacturing Halogen lamps for the past decade and a half with a proven track record with our clients. Our clients include supermarkets in main land Europe and US.

The company recognises the crucial need for customer care, therefore, a high quality service organisation has been established an unparalleled reputation in technical support and distribution

Welcome to Long Life Lamp Company at the forefront in development of LED lights technology , Our new generation LED designed to become a replacement for fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.

Long Life Lamp Company LEDs are bright and efficient, necessary to drive the LED lighting revolution, a transition in which existing light sources will be replaced with LED light sources like our Super High Power LEDs  which have a unique combination of  high light output and long life with superior colour rendering ability, low power consumption, an ideal replacement for conventional light sources.

Long Life Lamp Company is registered trade mark UK00003017742

Long Life Lamp Company brands include, MegaLEDs, Crimson Guard, Tabooh